Spanish Mediterranean Diet Study Shows Promise

Add Some Olive Oil and Nuts to Your Diet

The results of this 5 year study are very interesting, and show that a diet that includes a small amount of olive oil and nuts every day may lead to a significant decrease in heart attacks.

This is perplexing and fascinating at the same time, since many in the Whole Foods, Plant-Based diet mindset generally believe that all vegetable oils, including olive oil, should not only be minimized in your diet, but completely eliminated.  In fact, Dr. Esselstyn, a well-known WFPB proponent and movement founder, refutes the findings of the study on his blog post, stating that they are misleading and inappropriately titled.

While the study may have some bias, yet the results are noteworthy.  After all, it’s difficult to argue that out of about 2,500 people who did not eat the diet during the study, 109 (aged 55 to 80) had heart attacks, while in the other 2 control groups that consumed some olive oil and some nuts every day, there were only 83 and 96 heart attacks in the same period respectively.

The article concludes that for every 1,000 people who eat the Mediterranean diet, fully 3 people each year would avoid a heart attack or stroke.

I generally try to avoid oil, since some studies have shown that it constricts the blood vessels and slows circulation.  Yet I do use it in very small amounts to cook with occassionally.  I have no plans for either increasing or decreasing the amount of olive oil I consume, but maybe I’ll rest a little easier now.

Happy Plant-Based Eating!

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